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                              试题 时间:2017-06-26 我要投稿
                              【www.nbpr.tw - 试题】

                                下面瑞文网小编为大家的是2015 年广东广州中考英语作文及其范文,仅供参考。

                                书面表达(共 1 题,满分 15 分)

                                你校将开设一些特色课程, 学生可根据兴趣进行选择。请根据以下内容提示为学 校英文网页写一篇短文,介绍这些课程、提出你建议增设的课程并说明理由。

                                Students in our school are free to choose some special courses accord

                                ing to their interest. … 注意:1. 参考词汇:模型制作 model making 2. 词数 80 左右(文章开头已给出,不计入词数); 3. 不得透露学校、姓名等任何个人信息,否则不予评分。

                                【参考范文 1】Students in our school are free to choose some special courses according to their interest. Students who want to have strong bodies as well as develop their teamwork spirit can choose to attend the football course because this course encourages students to work together. Those who look for a chance to practice their oral English can attend the English drama course. What?s more, it will provide them chances to act out some interesting plays. Besides, for those who want to know more about science and increase their interest, we will also have a model making course. In my opinion, I strongly suggest that we should have an International course as well. It is a good opportunity for us to broaden our horizons and I think it is a good chance to improve our foreign language skills.

                                【参考范文 2】Students in our school are free to choose some special courses according to their interest. First of all, the football course is the best choice if you like playing football. When you play football, you can take regular exercise and build up your body. At the same time, playing football can develop your teamwork spirit because you can learn how to help each other. What?s more, English play course is a good choice for the students who like English. In the class, it is a good chance for the students to learn acting and improve oral English. If you want to develop an interest in science, you?d better choose model making course. When you make some models, you can learn more about the science. In my opinion, we should have a reading course as well, because we can learn plenty of knowledge from books. If we read more books, we will become smarter and smarter.dim-sum, seafood and so on. The more I knew about the food culture of Guangzhou ,the prouder I felt about being part of Guangzhou.

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