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                              試題 時間:2018-07-26 我要投稿
                              【www.nbpr.tw - 試題】

                                1. He has given us a suggestion ____ we should buy a cottage in the country, with the money we have saved.

                                A. when B. where

                                C. what D. that

                                2. After five hours’ drive, they reached ____ they thought was the place they’d been dreaming of.

                                A. that B. where

                                C. which D. what

                                3. It is no longer a question now ___ man can land on the moon.

                                A. that B. which

                                C. whether

                                D. what

                                4. She is pleased with ____ you have given him and all that you have told him.

                                A. that B. what

                                C. why D. which

                                5. Father made a promise ____ I passed the exam, he would buy me a bicycle.

                                A. that B. if

                                C. whether D. that if

                                6. ____ surprised me most was that she didn’t even know ____ the difference between the two lies.

                                A. What, where B. What, what

                                C. That, where D. That, what

                                7. Sometimes we are asked ___ we think the likely result of an action will be.

                                A. that B. what

                                C. which D. whether